From the introductions to the final dance, the party is yours, the details are mine.



Timez Up Sound has been serving Buffalo and all of Western New York (including The Chautauqua area) for over 15 years. We are a full service entertainment company that truly cares about the outcome of your wedding.


How do you make your wedding reception great?

It’s simple. It takes great entertainment, great planning and great customer support. Timez Up Sound makes your special day the kind people talk about with a combination of awe and envy. On the one hand, they marvel at the way everyone, absolutely everyone seemed to have the time of their life. On the other hand, they wished their wedding reception was as fabulous as yours.

A fabulous wedding reception doesn’t happen by chance. It happens because of a single, precious commodity called professionalism. Timez Up Sound offers you exactly that. Professional wedding DJs and great sound systems. It’s hard to find. When you experience it, you realize how precious it is because your reception was BETTER. And everyone knows it.